Scira 0.1 Free download

Scira 0.1

  • Publisher:Steven Carlson
  • Version:0.1
  • Operation System:Mac OS X or later
  • License:Freeware
  • File Size:100 KB

Total Downloads:344

Scira 0.1Description

Scira - Small conversion calculator Scira is a simple calculator that performs base conversion and simple math on numbers with the same or dissimilar bases.Completly freeware for personal use.Some limitations of version 0.1:The calculator currently supports only bases 2-10. I do have plans to provide support for bases up to 16.The base conversion has only been tested mildly with integers. The base conversion is broken with decimals at the moment.The interface is somewhat cumbersome. You enter numbers in the main calculator screen with the number buttons, but you must use the keyboard's number buttons to enter a new base in the base screen. Once you've entered the new base value, you must hit enter before the change will take effect.When performing a calculation on two numbers with different bases, the second number's base will be the base of the result.There are probably several more since it is a 0.1 release.

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